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IKINEMA Action for Maya

Penetration to Object
  1.  Select the root joint and execute IKinema Animation Cleaning Pipeline -> Create ACP
  2.  Select a joint you want to keep at a distance to a surface (usually feet), SHIFT select a polygonal object in the scene (for example ground plane) and execute the command IKinema Animation Cleaning Pipeline -> Add penetration object
  3.  In the global ACP tab enable Penetrate Active
  4.  On the joint tab assure under the Penetration Correction rollout the checkbox Penetration Correction is ON
  5.  Adjust the Mesh Offset value – it is distance and is based in scene units
  6.  Preview the animation and tune the values for best result
  7.  Bake the result with the IKinema Animation Cleaning Pipeline -> Bake ACP Result