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IKINEMA Action for Maya


IKinema is a unique tool that saves time and effort in every-days animation tasks. It allows you to rapidly and quickly edit and modify your existing animations, rapidly and quickly animate any creature: humans, spiders, octopuses, trees, flowers, birds etc. IKinema allows you to stream in realtime data from Vicon-Blade and Xsens-MVN.


The links in the hierarchy, Each link can have one, two or three Degrees Of Freedom (DOF)

Bone Axis

The local transform axis aligned with the bone


Degrees of Freedom


Any bone in the chain on which a task is defined. For example, force task- vector acting on the body from physics


The last bone in the hierarchy of the chain

Global space

The space in which the root bone is placed, that is, world space corrected for any orientation of the scene node to which the root bone is attached


Forward Kinematics – solving for end-effector position for given joint information for every bone

Force Vector

Vector of force in global space acting on the bone (can be any bone in the figure)


Maximum number of internal iterations allowed for the solver for improving the solution

Joint Retargeting

Providing desired orientation information to the solver from mocap/animation data for one, two or all joints.


The range in the motion of the bone

Limits, Enforced

The bone is kept to the range boundary on violation

Limits, Un-Enforced

The bone is moved to a mid-range or other pre-specified orientation


Mobility in the bone from 0 to max mobility. This is a relative value parameter.


motion capture

Root Translation

Additional 3DOF in root translation for obtaining optimal figure position

Support Site

Force acting at the force site will be computed automatically to satisfy equilibrium of forces. Support sites must be associated with position tasks


Constraint in the scene that could be position of the bone, orientation of the bone, force on the bone, the Centre of Mass of the figure

Task DOF

When finding solution, the task can satisfy 3DOF (point in global space), 2DOF (line in global space) or 1DOF (plane in global space) constraint

Task Depth

The length of the chain of an IK task, starting from the effector and moving towards the root

Task Precision

The general quality in complying with targets requested from the specific task, this is not a relative value parameter

Task Priority

Any task can have two levels of prioritisation, low and high

Task Retargeting

Providing position and orientation task information to the solver from mocap/animation data

Task Retargeting, Automatic

Position/orientation targets will be generated automatically inside the solver before every solve cycle, based on retargeting data passed to the segments

Task Weight

The importance of a specific task in comparison to all other tasks, this is a relative-value parameter