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IKINEMA Action for Maya


Q: What ACP is good for?
A: Stabilizing and smoothing the motion. Removing noise. Planting feet. Add reaction to environment (penetration).


Q: On what can I apply ACP?
A: Skeleton with animation.


Q: Filter value explain?
A: It is frequency value – Hz. The smaller the filter the larger tolerances it will try to fix


Q: Recommended range for frequency?
A: 3-15.


Q: Tricks for improving with this range?
A: Apply ACP twice (ACP ->tune->bake->Apply new ACP ->tune->bake)


Q: I set Fix Sliding in the Attribute Editor and nothing happens?
A: You have to enable it per bone – select for example a foot and it its Attribute Editor tab enable the Sliding checkbox.


Q: How to pin better a body part (say chest) better but with no ACP functions?
A: Select the bone, enable Sliding and set In and Out to zero.


Q: I put many penetration tasks and the result is bad?
A: Use penetration tasks wisely and not in many numbers. Avoid putting penetration tasks on adjacent bones


Q: My skeleton is jitering?
A: Lower the values in the ACP Advanced rollout – correspondingly for sliding and filtering.