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IKINEMA Action for Maya


Q: What to click to create the retarget?

A: Select the hips/main joint of the source, SHIFT select the target hip/main joint and press the Create Rig button.


Q: In GUI panel I see the joints on top of each other?

A: Upon creation position the camera so you can see your skeleton best. We're using the perspective camera to snapshot in the panel.


Q: Can I retarget from something else than joints?

A: Yes – locators. You can use any scene object (static mesh, physics mesh, skinned mesh) to drive a locator that can be linked to a joint.


Q: I created the default retarget but feet are sliding badly?

A: Place tasks for the feet. Only hips task is created initially if you have exotic naming convention for the ankles. IKinema recognizes substrings of Foot, Feet and like but not all possible and only in English.


Q: Suggested task setup for generic retarget?

A: Hips, feet, chest.


Q: I manually matched source and target but they reposition on creation?

A: Read and check the options in the dialog panel after pressing the Create Rig button. You can turn automatic scale and position OFF.


Q: I SHIFT select but all bones are white, nothing mapped?

A: After pressing Create Rig button choose Auto Recognize from the bottom drop down menu. The source and the target have to have similar and meaningful naming convention in English.


Q: Bone/bones are mapped not as I like?

A: Right mouse click in the snapshot panel and choose Disconnect. Select the proper bone in the viewport and click the corresponding UI bone representation.


Q: Can I have retarget from multiple souces?

A: Yes. For example you can retarget a centaur from a horse and a human upper body in a same setup.


Q: I have different spine bones in the source and the target?

A: No problem. Set the bones manually leaving empty some. Then create a chest task.


Q: I want to create a task for a body part but it isn't in the list?

A: The list is only a preset of the tasks. You can use any and adjust it. For example create Hand Task and turn its rotation OFF, or change the task weight or depth etc.


Q: I don't want elbows/knees behaving/not behaving like a pole vector constraint?

A: Select the task, in the Attribute Editor change the As Pole Object to OFF/ON.