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IKINEMA Action for Maya


Q: What is the Rig Editor?

A: It is a GUI interface with templates for most common workflows – marker solve, retarget and game rigs creation and tests.


Q: Can I use the Rig Editor for manual animation?

A: Technically possible through self-retarget but it is not what is is designed for.


Q: I press Create Rig and Maya stars playing?

A: It is normal. We pre-calculate some parameters and store them.


Q: I have very long animation it is taking a long time?

A: You can set temporarily the time slider to few frames, create the rig and return the original timeline length.


Q: I miss some IKinema parameters in the UI?

A: Rig Editor GUI has exposed only the most commonly used parameters. You can find all IKinema parameters in the Attribute Editor and Channel Box.


Q: I have multiple characters and the Rig Editor is updating on deselect?

A: Press the lock button to stop interactive update upon new selection.


Q: Can't see way to store setting template?

A: There is a button – small diskette icon in the upper part of the Rig Editor.


Q: Pin object are not working?

A: Set Pin Influence and set a key.


Q: I set Pin Influence but it starts from zero and going up?

A: We set a default zero Pin Influence key at the first frame of the timeline. Set a new key there.


Q: Pin objects don't have influence exposed in the Graph Editor?

A: Select the task, the parameter is a task property.


Q: What does the Bake Pins in the retarget template do?

A: It bakes the Pin objects to have the same animation as the source skeleton. This is useful if you want to make adjustments on top of the initial retarget animation using Maya animation layers.