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IKINEMA Action for Maya

Revision notes

IKinema Action 5:

 - Optimised core plugin: Action 5 for Maya is twice as fast as it was previously, allowing for real-time application in Maya.
 - Animation Cleaning Pipeline (ACP) in real-time: Our popular ACP feature is now available in real-time. Remove motion jitters, feet sliding and stop body and object penetration, all in real-time.
 - Revised IKinema Solver: Improved solver quality, stability and consitency. Allowing for a quicker workflow and better final result.


IKinema Action rev. 4.0

- Rig Editor for quick setup of marker solve, retarget and game rigs

- Parent constraints behaviour for retarget tasks

- Retarget in task space functionality

- Retarget pin objects

- Retarget and marker solve templates


IKinema Action rev. 3.0

- Automatic Cleaning Pipeline (ACP)

- Penetration option to position task for limiting joints to surfaces

- floor penetration and self penetration

- automatic sliding compensation

- support for internal shadow rigging in full-body IK

- support for solve from rigid bodies

- automatic tuning of solver parameters

- Step by step guide


IKinema Action rev. 2.5

- Pole vector constraint

- Support for OptiTrack

- New retargeting tools

- New tools for retargeting constraints

- A range of new tutorial videos

- IKinema Tools for loading/saving various settings


IKinema for Maya rev. 2.0

- new stretch IK functionalities added

- support for retargeting setup in the viewport

- new and improved marker solving engine

- improvements on the retargeting engine

- various bugfixes


IKinema for Maya rev. 1.1

- support for streaming and recording from Vicon Blade - support for streaming and recording from Xsens MVN - new technology added for solver reset at every frame - few bug fixes resolved