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IKINEMA Action for Maya

Quick Start

To enable IKINEMA on a given chain, execute the following procedure:

  • select the root bone in the hierarchy
  • from menu IKinema, select Create IKINEMA Solver.

Done - the hierarchy is populated inside IKINEMA.


IKinema menu UI

This will automatically create a second instance of your bone hierarchy which will be connected as a retargeting source to the main chain.


To disable the creation of a copy of the hierarchy, open the attribute window of the Create IKINEMA Solver menu item and disable Create FK Skeleton menu item


IKINEMA will automatically populate this chain inside the solver. // Building IKINEMA solver instance... will be displayed inside the Scrip Editor line. You are now ready to specify constraints/tasks and to move your model. To do this, select the joint that needs to be pinned or moved from your main skeleton (not the _FK skeleton), and from menu IKINEMA select Create position task. Select the Task from the Outliner or the Hypergraph and move this task. The skeleton will respond. This procedure is summarized in the following video.



Similarly, orientation task can be also created from menu IKINEMA, Create orientation task.

By default, when a hierarchy populated and Create FK Skeleton is enabled, IKINEMA will try to maintain the joints close to the rest pose of the skeleton, which is the pose before importing the skeleton to IKINEMA. How strong IKINEMA maintains the joint close to their rest pose is determined by Retargeting Gain in the IKINEMA SolverInstance Attribute window. This feature can be disabled on an individual bone via a dedicated IKINEMA Segment Attributes, Enable Retargeting. The bone can be driven either by the limits or by reference orientation data rom a source joint (retargeting mode).