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IKINEMA Action for Maya

Solver Parameters
IKinema solver Attribute Editor UI

Solver Attribute window allows setting the following solver parameters.

  • Max Iterations puts an upper limit on the number of solver iterations. In most cases 30-40 are sufficient, 150 is the default number for complex combinations of constraints.
  • Continuously solving determines whether the solver starts at every frame from the rest pose or from the current pose. The default is advisable situation in most cases.
  • Translate root enables root translation and allows finding an optimal root position in the scene as a part of the solver
  • Root Translation Weight determines how would the root position respond in the solving
  • Retargeting enables or disables retargeting for all joints in the hierarchy
  • Enable Moments enables automatic balance. This requires setting some force inputs for the solver as tasks via IKINEMA menu add force. (more information on force tasks is given below).
  • Moments Weight puts a gain in the solving for moments in respect to solving for other constraints
  • Moments Priority allows setting the balancing of moments as a first or as a second priority task
  • Figure Mass" Total figure mass
  • Task Precision adds damping in the solving. Increase this number to reduce jitter behaviours in the joint response
  • Scale Retargeting Task puts a scale on all tasks from the source to the target.
  • Retargeting Offset puts an offset to all tasks; In this way one can move the target in the scene in respect to the source
  • Limits Gain sets how important the limits are when deriving the body postures
  • Retargeting Gain sets how important the source joint information derived from a source character and used for retargeting in the solving. By default, when an FK character is created, the FK skeleton is the target and IKINEMA will try to maintain to the source pose without the need for limits.
  • Secondary Task Weight specifies the weight for the secondary tasks in the solver
  • Secondary Task Precision specifies the precision for the secondary tasks in the solver
  • P Coefficient is the overall gain in the solver
  • Draw size changes the size of IKINEMA position and orientation task locators in the scene
  • Use Shadow Pose toggles internal mode for smoothing the motion when there is no direct source to a bone. Recommended when solving from markers or rigid bodies, when working with Continuous solving “ON”.  When retargeting bone to bone Use Shadow Pose should be “OFF”
  • Autotune adjusts the PCoefficient automatically. The default state is “ON”