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IKINEMA Action for Maya

Joints / Bones
The following attributes specify the behaviour of the joint

  • Active - sets whether this joint is used by IKINEMA or not. Individual degrees of freedom can be also enabled/disabled.
  • Mass - the mass of the joint; this is used for solving Centre of Mass task and Automatic Balancing
  • Enable Retargeting - decide whether the joint will follow orientation from a source joint or not. If set, the orientation of the joint will be primarily determined from the source joint orientation; The influence of the source joint is determined via Retargeting Gain in the solver attributes or local retargeting gain defined below.
  • Reset to rest - if the solver is set to continuous mode, this option will allow deterministic behaviour on this joint
  • Enable Target Orientation - this mode has three modes of operation
    • The source joint has retargeting source - if Enable Target Orientation is enabled, then you can specify an offset on the top of the source animation data
    • In a rig, you can enable this joint to apply local orientation to the solver. You can execute this mode by selecting the joint and executing from IKINEMA menu Enable Target Orientation
    • You can animate the joint in FK mode outside the solver - same as above but you need to set the joint to non Active using first option in this paragraph
  • Target Orientation - defines the demanded target orientation if the option above is enabled
  • Enable Target Translation takes into account the translation animation curves along with the rotation for bones that are not the root of the solver
  • IKINEMA Limit Axis - specify how is the joint orientated in respect to the Local Axis. To identify this, from attribute Display enable Display Local Axis If the joint is located along x, set x for IKINEMA Limit Axis. If the joint is located in an opposite direction of x, set -x for IKINEMA Limit Axis.
  • Limits - set the limit of the joint in respect to the joint's X,Y and Z frame (see below)
  • IKINEMA Max velocity - defines the maximum solving velocity for this joint
  • Retargeting gain - sets the local retargeting gain for this joint
  • Limits gain - sets the limits gain for this joint
In addition, you can specify the following attributes via the Maya joint attribute window
  • Stiffness/Mobility - set the stiffness for the joint relatively to the other joints in the chain, for example you can set higher stiffness for the back and spine joints to achieve less mobility while moving the arm. You can also setup stiffness on neck and clavicle joints during marker solving.
  • Active/Non-active - enable or disable one, two or all degrees of freedom for the specific joint from the solve. In this way you can freeze a joint while retargeting or solving.
  • Solving Degrees of Freedom DOF