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IKINEMA Action for Maya

Force Task

IKinema incorporates automatic balance and abilities to pass force to the figure while solving and/or retargeting. The forces can be delivered from a physics pipeline. To add a force acting on the body, select the bone and choose Add Force from IKinema menu. Solving for Moments needs to be enabled via the Solver Attribute Window. For the solving for moments, you need to specify supporting forces that support the figure, for example feet when standing on the ground.


  • Support Site (Yes/No) - after adding a force for the specific bone, select whether this is a support bone to let IKinema calculate automatically the force
  • Support Ratio - select the support ration for more than one support bones. For example add more ratio on one foot and less on the other to make the character lean on
  • Acting Force on the joint (magnitude and direction)
  • Active - enable or disable this force