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IKINEMA Action for Maya


IKinema limits are set for every joint via the IKinema Segments Attributes window. Limits are specified in respect to the Rest pose of the character. This is the pose at which the character is imported to IKinema via Create IKinema Solver. To specify the limits, select the chain and from IKinema menu, select Tune Limits Mode. To specify the limit, four inputs are needed. The bone/joint axis needs to be specified via IKinema Limits Axis. IKinema Limit Axis specifies how is the bone orientated in respect to the Local Axis. To identify this, from attribute Display enable Display Local Axis If the bone is located along x, set x for IKinema Limit Axis. If the bone is located in opposite direction of x, set -x for IKinema Limit Axis.


To enable the limits, select Enable Limits. Enforce limits is used for bones such as shoulders, elbows, knees. This parameter forces the bone towards the limits boundary when the limit is violated. When Enforce limits is disabled, the bone will be forced towards the most comfortable pose. Enforce limits disabled is useful for spine bones. Experiment different settings for your model to achieve the best overall behavior.

Every degree of freedom, X, Y and Z, require two values, minimum and maximum angle (in degrees) that define the movement of the bone in respect to its reference frame in the Rest pose.

To change the visualization size on limits, adjust the Draw parameter in the solver Attribute Window. As this is not automatically propagated you will need to select the specific bone again to display the limits visualization.

The process is described in the following example