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IKINEMA Action for Maya


One of the key features of IKinema is its retargeting algorithm. IKinema retargeting works directly on your characters and does not require any characterization or using any special skeletons.

During Retargeting, IKinema uses information from a source character (or object Source) or several source characters to generate motion on a target character (Target).

IKinema uses two types of information from the source:

  • position of source joints in the world space - Task Mapping

IKinema can take position information from a source joint (or a transform) and use this as a position constraint in the solver. X,Y and Z degrees of freedom can be tracked. The user can link a task of the target skeleton to this position information to pin a joint to the world frame. This position can be scaled in terms of X Y and Z as well as offset can be added for each DOF. A task of the target skeleton can be linked directly to this position via the dedicated retargeting menu.

All parameters for the tasks remain valid, such as priority, precision, degree of freedom (solve for X, Y or Z), damping.

  • orientation of the source joints - Bone Mapping

IKinema can use orientation information for one, two or all joints from the source and apply to the target. All other parameters for the joint remain active, for example stiffness. IKinema plugin has a dedicated menu Retargeting editor.

IKinema can use information from several source characters to blend to a single target character via the retargeting algorithms.

Retargeting allows customization of animation and motion capture data. The Source and the Target can have the same or different bone hierarchy and size.

The Retargeting process uses:

  • information for the orientation of a joint or a series of joints
  • position of a joint or a series of joints
  • limits information on a series of joints

The final body posture is generated via IKinema as a combination between these inputs and any other input specified for the character such as Centre of Mass position, Force input, Stiffness of joints, etc.