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Installation of IKINEMA Action and IKINEMA LiveAction

Floating licenses

Server installation and setup:

On the license server machine run the same Action Installer you use for the clients, but only select the Action Floating License components to be installed.

Once installed, the server executable can be found in /License_Server. If the default install directory was used during installation, it should be in:

  • C:/Program Files (x86)/IKinema/License_Server for Windows
  • /Applications/IKinema/License_Server for MAC
  • ~/IKinema/License_Server for Linux

You should have received a specific license file for your server named "xxxxx.lic". Copy this file next to the license server  execute the license server (rlm.exe on Windows, rlm on OSX/Linux).

On Windows you can install the server to be run as a service and started automatically at system boot, by running as an Administrator the install_service.bat file in the server directory.

On all platforms you can check the server status by going to http://localhost:5054 (from the server or http://:5054 from computers on the same network).


Using existing RLM server for IKinema licenses:

To reuse existing RLM server you need to:

1. Install the Action Floating License Server from the Action Installer (as long as it is using the same OS, this can be done on any other machine beside the server).

2. In the installation directory (selected in the installer, C:Program Files (x86)IKinema by default on Windows), locate the file License_Serverikinema.set

3. Copy the ikinema.set from step 2 and the provided license file to the directory of the existing RLM server

4. Either restart the RLM instance or reread the license files from the server's web interface (default http://:5054)

If you need further assistance, please contact


 Client setup:

On the client computer select floating license during the installation and enter the connection string for the products that are going to be using the floating licensing. The connection string has the format:


where PORT is the IP port number of the license server (by default this is 2374) and HOST is either the hostname of the server machine or its IP number. 

HOST server_name server_MAC_address port
  • server_name is the name of the license server (not editable)
  • server_MAC_address is the MAC address of the license server (not editable)
  • port is the IP port number (this can be edited and modified if necessary)

So for the example license:

HOST LicenseServer.IKinema.local 00aa11bb22cc 2374
ISV ikinema
LICENSE ikinema ikinema 2.0 permanent 1 hostid=ANY _ck=591efc683b

the connection string is 2374@LicenseServer.IKinema.local


Changing the connection string/ licensing type from Maya:

Note: This section is only valid for Maya with IKinema Action 4.0.3848 or newer

You can view/change the connection string if you open  "IKinema" menu -> "About IKinema" and press the "License" button.