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Installation of IKINEMA Action and IKINEMA LiveAction


IKinema LiveAction - Installing LiveAction

The Action plug-ins for Maya and MotionBuilder and LiveAction for Unreal Engine 4 are installed using a dedicated installation tool on Windows. The versions for OS X and Linux will be available soon.

Note: IKinema installation tool requires internet connection during runtime to download the required packages.

The installation procedure requires a valid IKinema Installation Key that must be supplied together with your IKinema installation pack.

If you are using proxy, please use the Settings button on the first page of the installer to enter the proxy settings.

On the second page you need to provide a target directory where the examples, license server, release notes, update tool will be stored.

On the third page you can select what products to be installed on your system. The installation tool tries to detect the installed compatible software and preselects it for installation. The license server only needs to be installed on the server machine if floating license is used for any of the products.