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Installation of IKINEMA Action and IKINEMA LiveAction


Please check if the following conditions are met:

1. Running server

You can get to the diagnostic page of a running RLM server on port 5054 (e.g. http://server-address:5054). There you can check if the license pool is up and running. On the status page you should see IKinema as a ISV server and clicking the ikinema button under Server Status should give you details on at least a single pool of ikinema_vp (if using LiveAction), ikinemasdk (if using Action for Maya) or ikinemasdkmobu (if using Action for MotionBuilder) product. If all of these are as described you license server is up and running. 

2. Set up client

Make sure you are using the correct connection string -@. The license shared has port set to 2374 and server needs to be either server hostname (and domain if used) or an IP address if that is easier.

3. Server firewall

If the server has a very strict firewall, you will need to open 2 ports: main one (part of the connection string, last number of the first line of the license file) 2374 and ISV one. By default the ISV port is set at random, but you can set a fixed one by editing the license file. Just change the second line from “ISV ikinema” to “ISV ikinema port=” withbeing an any free port (e.g. 55544).


You can also find more information on license administration here: