Version history

Starting version 1.0 Windows 7 is not officially supported.

Version 2.0.19

  • Added option for legacy output (for Orion 1.x compatible clients)
  • Added data folder location override using environment variables (default: Documents/IKINEMA Orion)
  • Added persistence of output settings
  • Added FBX ASCII format for the animation recorder
  • Added TCP server for streaming the Orion status message
  • Added Euler filter of rotation on FBX recording
  • Fixed writing FBX when non-Latin characters are present in the data folder path
  • Fixed excessive memory consumption while viewport was minimised
  • Fixed showing duplicates in the output avatar list
  • Fixed loading preview FBX models from non-Latin paths
  • Fixed writing multiple FBX takes during a single session
  • Fixed fallback to HMD when head Tracker has lost tracking
  • Fixed wrong root name in recorded FBX preventing the importing of animation data
  • Fixed several crashes

Version 2.0.14

  • FBX recorder uses time stamping to record the keys. New FBX takes won't speed up if recording framerate was lower than 100
  • Improved timestamps in the VRPN server
  • Improved internal rigs for better results
  • Improved feet to floor adjustment
  • Various fixes related to the viewport
  • Added live adjustment of hips vertical boost and  a widget in the viewport to control it
  • Added initial colour-coded tracking quality indicator
  • Removed output yaw rotation of 180 degrees. This makes output aligned with raw OpenVR data. Some applications might need to reapply the yaw rotation on the input
  • Updated Unity plug-in with the option of adding the needed yaw rotation
  • Improved handling of head tilt in calibration pose
  • Various bugfixes

Version 1.1.12

  • Updated to OpenVR 1.0.17
  • Fixed crash when trying to record FBX/BVH before calibration
  • Fixed logs not being created on machines with non-latin characters in the username
  • System health monitor pausing of solve is now opt-in setting [Options > Misc]
  • Added option for a vertical boost to the hips offset [Options > Misc]
  • Calibration delay settings now persist between different runs [Options > Misc]
  • Various small bugfixes

Version 1.1.10 [beta]

  • Added system health monitor, warns and pauses solve if base station movement is detected
  • Added status reporting to the Viewport window
  • Updated retarget loading logic. Custom avatar (.ret) & models (.fbx) stay together in Documents/IKINEMA Orion/avatars
  • Updated button reading logic to use SteamVR Input API (NOTE: if a machine has used Input API for an app, it is very hard to revert it back to the old API, older versions might stop detecting controller button presses).
  • Improved reporting when calibration delay is used
  • Improved handling of elbow Trackers when jump in tracking data is detected
  • Improved automatic actor scaling
  • Update feet to floor adjustment - off by default, moves the whole solved character up/down depending on computed value. Breaks VR alignment
  • Updated output avatar (retarget) file format
  • Fixed tracking jitter caused by slow GPUs
  • Fixed displaying take names that contain dots
  • Added data recorder mode - used to debug tracking system issues
  • Improved support for non-English versions of Windows
  • Various small bugfixes

Version 1.0.8

  • Fixed usage of custom output avatars with Hi5 & ManusVR rigs
  • Added notification for licenses that are expiring soon

Version 1.0.6

  • Added rigs that support the specific forearm Tracker placement when using ManusVR or Hi5 gloves

Version 1.0.5

  • Fixed inconsistent frame drops when using recent versions of SteamVR
  • Removed "Enable basic logging" due to the usage of a new logging system

Version 1.0.4

  • Fixed internal retargeting artefacts in some models
  • Updated Unity3d plug-in to be able to stream data onto GameObject that contain transforms with the same name
  • Updated Unreal Engine 4.19 plug-in with support for LiveLink

Version 1.0.3

  • Fixed recording of BVH including the animation of the previous BVH record
  • Fixed streaming from multiple Orion instances into a single Unity project
  • Added actor height estimation based on entered custom proportions
  • Updated hand offsets when using controllers to the values used in version 0.90
  • Updated Unity3d plug-in to set local bone translations from the streaming data

Version 1.0.1

  • Fixed sync of Play/stop and Record/stop buttons with internal state
  • Extended command server to handle FBX recording

Version 1.0

New features:

  • Added non-animated root bone to recorded FBXs so they can be imported in the game engines
  • If delay init is set, starts the countdown as soon as enough trackers are being tracked
  • Minimum tracker count is based on tracker usage in the rig
  • Improved take recording 
  • Added command server for remote play/stop commands
  • Added Unity-chan model as output avatar
  • Updated solving of 8 tracker setups
  • Various bug fixes

Version 0.93

New features:

  • Added update check + notification
  • Added Update button in Options > About on demand
  • Added Actor delete button
  • Added option to set a custom VIVE take prefix
  • Added "service mode" where the last config is used with minimal UI
  • Added metadata to recorded VIVE takes containing rig used
  • Added rig to use overridden if preset in the take, set be replayed
  • Added a switch to disable the new feet adjustment introduced in 0.92
  • Separated the License & About info in 2 tabs
  • Moved actor definitions to Documents/IKinema Orion/actors
  • Moved new takes location to Documents/IKinema Orion/takes
  • License file moved to system-wide location ProgramData/IKinema/Lic/Orion
  • License is updated as soon as a new key is entered, no need for a restart
  • Improved output server error handling (e.g. port in use)

Version 0.92

New features:
  • New installer
  • Rig selection is restored during application start
  • Added a button that takes you to your Orion orders page from Options > About
  • Added "Use custom actor proportions" toggle
  • BVH export in addition to FBX
  • Pause the FBX/BVH recording
  • Playback take list is refreshed when options are opened
  • Help button that opens the documentation section of IKinema's site
  • Improved the offset between ground and feet
  • Moved Vive take recording/reading from takes subfolder
  • Moved actor definition storing/reading from actors subfolder
  • Updated rig names in the application
  • Removed 180 deg vertical offset needed in game engines
  • Updated options UI's look and feel
  • Changed to lightweight FBX models of our characters for the built-in viewport
  • Optimised the performance of playback mode

Version 0.90

New features
  • Added a built-in viewport that shows trackables during calibration & skeletal animation during streaming
  • Added two new body setups: 6 points with Trackers on hands & 8 points with handheld controllers
  • License key is activated when entered, no need to wait for the trial license to expire
  • Fixed minor bugs in retargeting
  • Fixed recording of Vive takes when calibration delay is used
  • Updated the UE4 client to allow multiple clients to stream from a single server
  • Updated main layout
  • Stability improvements

Version 0.42

  • Added Actor calibration
  • Added the ability to create a trial ikey file if there is none
  • Added "About" in options with version & license info. Also shows license errors and can be used to update license key
  • Updated FBX export to use v7.1 (2011+) instead of 7.5 (2016+)
  • Adjusted hips identification volume to better match front-mounted hips tracking
  • Output now default to - Actor - (streaming & recording use actor scaled skeleton)
  • Renamed Female output to "IKINEMA Female" & added "IKINEMA Male" for the cases where a fixed male skeleton is required
  • Added UE4Hero output avatar


Version 0.4

  • Orion UI
  • Recording to FBX

Version 0.31

  • Some clients may face an issue which causes the default Port Number Orion streams on to change from 3883 to 3884 when using Rig: R1b to stream. This issue is isolated to Orion Version 0.31. Please reference your Orion Batch File when running it to see what port number you are streaming on. To fix this please change the Port Number in your game engine from the default number 3883 to 3884. 

Version 0.3

  • Support for female model

Version 0.22b

  • Bug-fix on  floor penetration
  • Better reporting on Orion calibration 

Version 0.21b

  •  Dropout filter disabled by default as default settings were suitable only for slow motions

Version 0.2b

  • Orion setup via JSON config file
  • Support for different rigs/sensor configurations 
  • Support for 8 tracking points
  • Support for glove solving configuration
  • Drop out filtering included
  • Support for skeleton calibration to actor
  • Streaming of fixed actor or calibrated actor 
  • Support for wearing HTC Vive Tracker facing forward or on top for combination with face capture
  • Unity and Unreal plugin support for re-calibrated characters
  • Command-line application, no UI
  • No options to record FBX

Known issues and limitations

  • Shoulder length not calibrated
  • Some issues have been reported on initialization

Version 0.1b

  • Command-line application, no UI
  • No options to record FBX
  • Single skeleton rig
  • Limited drop-out compensation
  • Without full character calibration (only rough adjustment)
  • Fixed rig and filtering parameters

Known issues and limitations

  • Feet on avatar could be off in calibration pose
  • A single rig and only 6 rigid bodies supported