Streaming to Unreal

Orion Streaming into Unreal Engine 4

To stream the solved skeleton data from Orion Run Time into Unreal Engine, the beta package includes a pre-made Unreal plugin. This plugin streams in the solved skeleton to a skeletal mesh with the same hierarchy as the Orion skeleton. A skinned skeleton is also included as part of the package. The FBX can be found under (OrionPackage)/IKinemaMale

The setup process is described in this video


Version Requirement

The plugin is supported for the following version of the Unreal Engine and Orion Run Time

  • IKinema Unreal plugin version 1.1
  • Unreal Engine Version 4.15 or newer
  • Orion RunTime 0.1-beta


The plugin is installed as a local Unreal project plugin, by copying the content of found under (OrionPackage)/UnrealStream to the project folder. The image below shows the plugins folder copied to a project called OrionStreaming from the Orion download package. 

After copying the content to the Unreal project folder, start the project and the plugin should be loaded by default.

Visualising Orion Solve in Unreal Engine

To stream and visualise the Orion solved data on the IKinemaMale character inside of the Unreal Engine. First, import the character by dragging the FBX from (OrionPackage)/IKinemaMale to the Editor’s content browser. Once the character is imported, create an Animation Blueprint for the skeleton. On the animation graph, add a new Orion Stream node and fill in the details as follow

  • Server Name IP number of the machine running Orion
  • Port Number Port number of Orion server, default 3883
  • Subject Name Orion subject name, currently Skeleton
  • Reconnect This should be ticked to stream

Connect the output of the Orion Stream node to the Final Pose, click Compile. The character in the preview window should start following the actor movement as in the image below.