Sensors and attachments

The minimum number of tracked sensors used by Orion is six. Up to 8 sensors can be used for better accuracy of elbow solving.

Attachment to feet

Use two Vive Trackers to attach to feet. Make sure that the trackers are securely (and rigidly) attached as per image below



Attachment to hips

Use one Vive Tracker to track the hips. For best visibility, attach the Tracker at the back of the subject and in the middle of the back area. Tracker needs to be rigidly coupled with the body. Use a clip or a belt, especially for dynamic and fast motions, with permanently attached Tracker to it.


Head Tracking 

Head could be tracked in one of two ways

  • Using a Vive Tracker for wierless mocap (attached to a harness, for example from an action camera or a hat) 
  • Using the VR HMD when Orion is coupled with VR experiences

The head tracking device (Vive Tracker or HMD) must be in the middle of the forehead or as an option, the head Tracker could be mounted on top of head. 

Hand (wrist) tracking

Hands could be tracked with standard hand held controllers or with Vive Trackers.

Suitable harness used in Orion

- Head harness suitable for Orion is availabe here

- Suitable feet harness is available here; This uses standard 1/4'' mounting screw as this one.

To attach, remove the top cover of the above harness and attach tracker with 1/4'' screw, see images below

- Hips clip as per image above is available here


It is strongly recommended to select a USB hub with external power supply and keep some spacing between the USB dongles. This is what we use 

Access to Vive Trackers

Vive Trackers are available to developers via