Troubleshooting Orion 


Problem: Can't get all trackers to pair


  1. Make sure only the HMD is plugged in and none of the USB dongles are connected;
  2. Switch on and make sure that the two controllers are paired and tracked (they pair the dongles built-in into the HMD);
  3. Plug one USB dongle;
  4. Pair a Tracker to it;
  5. Power off the newly paired tracker;
  6. Unplug the dongle and store it with its respective Tracker;
  7. Repeat 3-6 for all Trackers;
  8. Plug-in all dongles in a USB hub (preferably a powered one) using the included USB extensions to spread them apart;
  9. Restart the PC;
  10. Try powering all Trackers one by one.
  11. If all were paired fine, but don’t connect when all of them are on, try different USB hub / computer port – not all of them can handle many connections at once.
  12. If there is a Tracker that doesn’t register with SteamVR, try SteamVR menu > Device > Reboot Vive headset.


Problem: Avatar's hands are at a different distance from the body, when the actor has both resting next to the body.


The head Tracker was rotated slightly to the side / actor's head was tilted during calibration

Problem: Data doesnt seem smooth as on IKinema videos 


Most of the problems are related to room setup, make sure that:

- You don't have reflection surfaces in the tracking volume, for example glass, mirrors, even glasses and badges could lead to reflection issues and hence wrong tracking.

- Make sure you have a good quality USB hub with external power supply.

- Make sure that you don't get noise from additional light houses connected to a different system. This is a very typical problems at shows and events where many HTC Vive setups are used together in close proximity leading to wrong tracking.


Old versions, 0.2b+

Problem: I can not calibrate Orion with a new actor


a) make sure that all six sensors are tracked and available; Check in the VR HMD their position in VR space in respect to the scene

b) Check in the VR HMD that the positions of the feet trackers are at the same level as attached to feet

c) make sure that Steam VR is not paused in Menu mode, try pressing the System Button on the hand controller to close the Menu and go to live mode

d) Make sure that actor is in a good calibration pose, straight and head controller facing forward. Any leaning forward or side-wise might lead to the wrong calibration 

e) make sure that feet are not under the floor - recalibrate SteamVR

f) if a Tracker is used for head tracking, make sure that the HMD is lower than head Tracker 


Problem: Avatar from Orion walks on an inclined plane

Solution: SteamVR is not correctly calibrated for floor


Problem: HTC Vive data is unreliable, I see lots of drifts and noise

Solution: It seems that HTC Vive tracking is effected by reflective surfaces. More information is available on the internet, for example, this is the first hit on using the search keywords htc vive reflective surfaces