Orion UI

Using Orion's UI

Main Window

Orion Configuration UI is shown below

The various selections are:

1: Start/Stop Orion solving and streaming

2: Start/Stop FBX/BVH Recording of current session

3: Pause FBX/BVH Recording (work in progress)

4: Selection of Orion Rig 

5: Orion options

6: Status line

7: Show/Hide Orion Viewport

8: Online documentation

Orion Viewport

Orion Viewport can be enabled using View button.

The camera is controlled using:

  • ALT+Left Mouse Button, Rotate
  • ALT+Right Mouse Button, Zoom In and Out
  • ALT+Middle Mouse Button, Pan

INPUT Options Window

INPUT options are related to Vive input data

                Options include

                                Live: using live Vive data for solve

                                Playback: Using pre-recorded Vive Take/data

                                Vive Take: Selection of pre-recorded Vive data

                                Record Vive Take: start recording of Vive data for current session for Playback


OUTPUT Options Window

OUTPUT options are related to Orion solved data

Options include

Subject: defines the subject name of streaming skeleton, by default set to Skeleton

Port: defines the port used in VRPN interface, default 3883

Output Avatar: specifies which output avatar to be used, Male, Female or any custom specific developed by IKinema Orion Mapping Service

ACTOR Options Window

ACTOR defines Actor’s proportions

Options include

                Arm: distance in cm from wrist to shoulder

                Spine: distance from hip to neck

                Leg: distance from hip to ankle

                Neck: neck base to head base

                Load/Store Actor proportions for future use


                Overall actor height is approximately = leg + spine + neck + 5 cm floor to ankle + 16cm head base to top


Misc Options Window

 Options include

Calibration delay: number of seconds of delay from pressing a trigger to taking a calibration. This is particularly useful for Rig-1,d-f and Rig-3

Record as: chose whether to save you data as a FBX or BVH

Enable basic logging: store low level data for debugging

About Options Window

Licensing information is displayed in this window

About Window

Orion install version and most recent release version of Orion information are displayed in this window.