Starting Orion Live

Running Orion for live mocap sessions requires the following:

1. Run Orion.exe

You should see main UI

2. Select Orion Rig from dropdown menu

3. Press Play button

4. Go to a calibration pose

Make sure that all trackers are visible in Orion viewport. Go into a calibration pose as in the image below: bring both feet together, hands next to body, look straight and press a Trigger button on the hand controller

If you are using Tracker for head tracking, align Tracker orientation to be as in the image below, i.e. LED pointing to the left.

The Trackers on the feet and the corresponding calibration pose is shown below 

The hip Tracker could be attached to the side or front.

If the calibration is successful, Orion will start with status line

FPS: 100

5. Start the client application (Unity or Unreal)