Installation instructions


1. Once you have requested/purchased your Orion license, navigate to My profile -> IKinema Orion page and download the installer using the Download installer button.

2. Run the installer and follow the instruction on the installer.
3. Choose where to install IKinema Orion (this is where you will be accessing Orion from).

4. Choose the Orion application and resources you require.
5. Follow the rest of the instruction on the installer to finish the install.

6. You can run Orion by using the shortcut in the start menu. If you want to access Orion and its resources you will need to go the path you installed Orion at on step 3.

Using Orion once installed:
  • To run the software, start Orion from the IKinema Orion folder or the shortcut in the start menu.
  • To run the pre-recorded animations, follow the steps described here.
  • Recording to FBX takes is covered here.
  • These are the tutorials for setting up Unity and Unreal streams.
  • Retargeting to other characters in Unreal using LiveAction is covered here.