Setting up Orion in Unreal for an immersive experience

Matching Orion and SteamVR in Unreal

To check out another way of doing this without having your ABP and Player Start at 0,0,0 click here

There are two important procedures you must be aware of when following this set up.

  1. Leave the calibration of your actor in Orion until the end of this process. This is because your Orion actor needs to be in the same position when calibrating Orion and Playing the project. If the actor moves this may cause the streams not to line up.
  2. Once you play the project refrain from using the mouse. This is due to the mouse having an influence on the virtual rotation of the HMD. If this happens, you will need to close and reopen your Unreal project.

Orion immersive demo project can be downloaded here.