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There are two important procedures you must be aware of when following this set up.

  1. Leave the calibration of your actor in Orion until the end of this process. This is because your Orion actor needs to be in the same position when calibrating Orion and Playing the project. If the actor moves this may cause the streams not to line up.
  2. Once you play the project refrain from using the mouse. This is due to the mouse having an influence on the virtual rotation of the HMD. If this happens, you will need to close and reopen your Unreal project.

There are two ways of lining up the Orion and SteamVR streams. First one is a quick basic set up which reuqires your ABP and Player Start to be at 0,0,0 . The second is similar, but doesnt require the ABP and Player Start to be at 0,0,0:

To line up Orion to the HTC Vive's HMD and create the most immersive experience please follow the following steps:

Option 1:

  1. Setup an Orion Unreal stream as usual. If you haven't done this before please follow this tutorial.
  2. Once you've set up Orion in unreal drag the “Animation Blueprint” into the scene and set it to 0,0,0.
  3. Drag “Player start” at 0,0,0.
  4. Rotate the character via the Z axis, so that your character is facing the same way the ‘Player Start’ arrow is pointing (image below). Notice: If you are using Orion version 0.91 and older than you would need to rotate your ABP by 180 degrees.
  5. Run and calibrate Orion.
  6. Play, project.
Option 2:

If you want to have a set up where the character doesn't start from 0,0,0 please follow this instruction:

1. Both the character ABP and Player start must have identical X and Y axis. While Z axis has the centre of the player start line up with the ABP head.

2. Then rotate the ABP by -90 via the yaw axis.
3. Then in the level blueprint, you need to create a ‘Reset Orientation and Position’ Node and connect that to the event BeginPlay node.



Note: Before you press play to make sure your mocap actor is standing in the middle of the Vive area (this can be seen through HMD).


Orion immersive demo project can be downloaded here.