Running Orion as a service

Orion (version 0.93 and higher) supports a service mode. In this mode 3rd party applications can run Orion without the UI and the Virewport. To run Orion in this mode, use the following command line arguments


Starts Orion in service mode. If not custom ini file is used, uses settings from the last run of the standard UI ("Documents/IKinema Orion/ui_settings.ini")


Uses the given ini_file to initialize the service mode.

For example, the following command starts Orion as a serive with the configuration from the last run

Orion.exe --service

The following will be displayed

To start Orion with custom settings, use

Orion.exe --service --ini my_settings.ini

After each normal run, Orion will generate settings file located under

[User Name]/Documents/IKinema Orion/

These settings can be copied and stored at a different location and provided as a command line argument for the --ini option above. Users can also dynamically change/modify or generate ini files based on the required settings.