Orion FAQ
  • What OS does Orion support?

Orion is unsupported on OS predating Windows 10.

  • Why are my characters knees bent with the demo file? 

The reason this happens is that the demo take was recorded on an Actor at 162cm and the “Default custom proportions” is set for an Actor at 182. Using custom proportions on used data would require you to use the same “Custom Proportions” measurements or not using custom proportions at all. To disable this go to the “Actor” tab and make sure the parameter “Use custom actor proportion” is disabled. Then play the demo again.

  • Why are my characters knees bent with live data?

This could be due to two reasons;
1. Custom Actor Parameter might be enabled and with the wrong measurements. Please disable custom actor proportions and see how the data looks. If the data is now fine then that means that the custom measurement is incorrect. 
2. This might require you to redo room calibration and even restart your machine.

  • When I try to connect any more than two controllers/trackers I get the error in SteamVR that Two controllers are connected and I need to disconnect one to be able to connect the new tracker.

This is due to when setting up trackers/controllers to a set up with SteamVR the first two controllers/Trackers take up the default wireless spot. Any trackers after these first two required to be paired one by one via a cabled connection. You would connect one tracker with a wired connection pair it, then turn that tracker off and do the following with the rest of your trackers. Once you've done that you can turn on all trackers and should be able to use all the trackers/controllers together.

  • How do I install Orion? 

Refer our documentation. Orion has a simple installer that installs Orion, with relevant plugins and assets. The documentation can be found here.

  • How do I get my recorded data into my 3D software?

For you to be able to access your recorded data in your 3D file, you would need to either record your data as a BVH or FBX (this is not the same as recording takes). Then you can access your recorded data at DocumentsIKinema Orionrecordings. You would then import this fbx/bvh file into your chosen 3D software as you normally would. More info on Recording fbx /bvh data can be found here

  • How do I update to the newest version of Orion? 

To update to the newest version of Orion you would navigate to the “About” tab and if a newer version of Orion is available then you would be able to see a notification letting you know and allowing you to download it there.

  • When I press play, nothing happens? This could be due to one of the following reasons:

It may be due to the license being expired and would require the participant to check the license and see if it is still valid.

  • My trackers have connected to StreamVR, however, in the Orion Viewer, certain trackers aren't stable?

This could be due to two factors. Either optical interference or Radio inference. This is most likely caused by something in the environment. The following will help you identify whether it is Optical or Radio interference:

      • Optical interference causes the trackers to jump around the viewer. If your trackers jumping around then this would mean there is some Optical interference in the environment. Anything using Infrared rays would cause optical interference with the HTC Vive system.
      • Radio inference causes the trackers to drop. If you have tracker data dropping often this would mean most likely it is Radio interference. You would confirm this is the issue by connecting the dropping tracker via a cable rather than wireless. If the tracker no longer drops then this means it is Radio interference.
  • I’ve installed Orion, however, I can't activate my license?

You would need to Run Orion as an Administrator and then try to activate the license.

  • How do I delete a “Playback Vive Take’? 

Assuming you have installed IKINEMA Orion to the default install location. You can delete saved ‘Takes’ by going to DocumentsIKinema Oriontakes and deleting the Take you no longer need. Documentation can be found here.

  • When will our Orion license be activated?

Licenses will be activated from the moment they are activated in the Orion software. Not from when they are created. So you can create the license today but until it's activated in the Orion software it's not activated.

  • How do I stream data from Orion into Unreal Engine using LiveAction?
Please refer to our documentation on this subject.
  • Does Orion work with more than 2 Base Stations?

Orion is able to support as many base stations as is officially supported by HTC Vive and SteamVR. For more information regarding this please refer their documentation.

  • Does Orion support Valve Index and Controllers?

Orion supports any system which is using the SteamVR tracking system. This includes the Index headset, controllers (including knuckles) and any other hardware that is supported by SteamVR tracking.

  • When using non-Vive Controllers (e.g. Valve Index) trigger calibration doesnt work?

In this case, you need to create a default binding for it, so that the trigger calibration function is recognised. To do this, you need to do the following (While Orion is running and waiting for a button press. Connected to SteamVR):

      • Open Devices > Configure Controller in SteamVR.
      • Select Orion.exe from the list
      • Either use the default binding we have pushed to the workshop or create a new one.

To create a new one (while Valve Index is selected as device):

      • Press the create new binding button.
      • (recommended) Tick mirror binding in the middle.
      • Select one of the triggers and select to be used as a button.
      • Select and click action and set it to calibrate input.
      • Press Save Personal binding to store it.

At this point, it should show you the binding next to the Valve Index in Configure Controller and the press should register.

  • Does Orion have release notes?

Yes, Orion release not can be found here.

  • How do I access the beta version of Orion?

Orion already installed:
Run OrionUpdateTool.exe and select "Add/Remove Package", click Next and from the list mark Runtime (beta) to be installed. Continue pressing Next until installed.
Orion not installed:
Select Runtime (beta) during the installation.

  • When trying to calibrate I get "ID failed: ..." error:

please check if your head tracker is aligned correctly (for forehead align vertically 180 degrees, and for top head-mounted tracker 180 degrees horizontally)