Measuring for Custom Actor Proportions

On this page, we take you through how to best measure your actor for the IKINEMA Orion custom actor proportions. Each section has the point location we require for measuring using on our character for illustration. Some include muscle/bone names to help you identify the locations. If you are struggling to find these point we mark, searching them (via muscle/bone name) will help you identify these locations on your actor.
Please make sure when measuring you follow each instruction as it may be relevant to only measuring that specific body part.

Best pose for measuring your actor's Spine and Neck is having your actor stand straight and facing forward.
-Measure from your actor's Pelvis/L5 Vertebrae to the top of your actor's neck.
-For the Neck, measure from the base of your actor's Occipital skull/C1 Vertebrae. This is where your Neck meets your skull.
-For the Spine, measure from where to measure is the on the lower back in the centre of your Pelvis bone (just below your L5 Vertebrae).



Best pose for measuring your actor's Arm is having the actors Arms to his side and measuring on the outer arm.
-Measure from your actor's Shoulders joint to their Wrist joint.
-For the Wrist, measure from where the Wrist bends.
-For the Shoulder joint, measure form the centre of your actors Medial Deltoid muscle on the upper arm.



Best pose for measuring your actor's legs is having them stand straight and measuring on the outer leg.
-Measure from your actors, Pelvis to their Ankle.
-For the Ankle joint, measure from the Ankle joint is the location of your Ankle where it rotates/bends.
-For the Pelvis, measure from your actors hip joint or using the L5 Vertebrae as a reference point vertically, and horizontally moving across to the outer leg.