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Motion capture interface selection for Action for Maya

If you select to install a version of Action for Maya, you will be asked to select the required motion capture interface. This selection will apply for all versions of Maya selected.

At the moment three version can be chosen:

  • None (Games) - no motion capture interface is present. This is the versions to be used for exporting game rigs;
  • Vicon - has the Vicon DataStream interface built-in allowing it to stream data from Vicon Blade, Tracker, Pegasus and any other application using the interface
  • Xsens MVN - allows streaming from MVN and Xsens data
  • NaturalPoint OptiTrack - allows the streaming of data from any NatNet compatible server like OptiTrack Motive
You must also choose either Action for Maya or Action for MotionBuilder as a part of the package.

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