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License type selection

For each of the products Action for Maya, Action for MotionBuilder and LiveAction for UE4, if selected for installation, you will be asked to select license type.

You can chose between:

  • Trial - will install trial activation key for the selected product.
  • Node-locked - you need to enter a valid IKinema Installation Key that must be supplied together with your IKinema installation pack. The Installation key has the following format
  • Floating - here you need to provide the details for connection to your floating server in the format

For further info on using a floating license, plese see "Using a floating license"

Note: If using trial or node-locked license type for any product, during the first use of that product, a valid license is obtained from a dedicated IKinema server. Please make sure that you have Internet connection enabled and the firewall, if installed and active, allows outgoing connections. This licensing procedure is executed during the first run of IKinema.


You must also choose either Action for Maya or Action for MotionBuilder as a part of the package.

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