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Possible installation issues and messages
Error: When started installation tool shows "Corrupted installation" error.
Cause: The update tool for the previous installation is corrupted.
Solution: Continue with installation to reinstall the required components.
Error: Install tool shows "Network error while downloading..."
Cause: The network connection to our sever was not possible or we are publishing an update.
Solution: Check your Internet connection, proxy settings. Retry in 15 minutes. If error persists,  contact .
Error: reading ikey file failed!
Cause: This message is reported when the the installation key is not found on your computer.
Solution: Make sure you have a file ikey located on your drive. On Windows check:
  • C:ProgramDataIKinemaLicMaya
  • C:ProgramDataIKinemaLicMoBu
  • C:ProgramDataIKinemaLicLiveAction
Error: The activation key you supplied was not found. Please check the key and ensure that you have entered it correctly.
Cause: Most likely you have typed a wrong Installation Key which is not available on the server to complete the licensing procedure.
Solution: Reinstall the component with the right Instalation Key, if error persists, contact .
Error: You were unable to connect to IKinema Licensing Server. Please make sure that this system is able to access the internet
and try again.
Cause: Your computer is behind a firewall or the Internet connection is not operational at the moment.
Solution: IKinema will report with Host Id numbers and the Installation Key. You can email these to to obtain a valid license of IKinema.
You must also choose either Action for Maya or Action for MotionBuilder as a part of the package.

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