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Theme: Orion.exe says a System error occurred.

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Wataru Fukushima
Posts: 2
[30.05.2019 07:09]
Edited: [30.05.2019 08:38]


 Like this pic An error happened when we tried to launch IkinemaOrion. Its messages are said in Japanese but it says like..

"The code execution cannot proceed because ikinema.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem."

Actually it wasnt showed up yesterday, then we have not done anything relates to it intentionally so the cause is not clear.

We have already tried

- reboot PC

- use OrionUpdateTool.exe and execute update component ( its result said nothing to update )

- uninstall and reinstall iKinema Orion app

Any advise or comments will be very appreciated.

Thank you


Wataru Fukushima
Posts: 2
Answer №1 [30.05.2019 09:16]

We found that kaspersky the anti virus software accidentally activated than move iKinema.dll to virus chest.

Turning off its monitoring function fix this issue.

Thank you

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