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Phil Rowe
Posts: 2
[14.03.2018 14:08]

Hi, I'm just wondering what peoples experiences are with getting the best out of Ikinema Orion for motion capture? I've used it a number of times with slightly different configurations each time, and the results seems to be getting worse if anything :(


Initially I used the HMD, controllers and three Vive Trackers rig. Base stations mounted on tall tripods. Dongles plugged directly into PC - so far this has given me the cleanest data (but obviously the elbows weren't great).

Next I bought more trackers and went with the 8 Vive Tracker rig. At this point I chose to mount the base stations on the wall a bit higher up than previously. Dongles plugged into USB hub - the results from this have been very patchy indeed. I seem to be getting a lot more occlusion pops and glitches than with the 6 tracker rig.


I'm just wondering if anyone else is getting worse data with more trackers? Or if it's because that rig is less forgiving with actor measurements? Or is it likely to be some other cause? Relections? Mobile phone interferring with dongles? Base station angles?


Any help very much appreciated!

Phil Rowe
Posts: 2
Answer №1 [20.03.2018 10:22]

Ok, I did a re-shoot. Covered up all the reflective objects in the room, took down glass pictures etc. Left the base stations up high. Switched to the 6 Tracker Rig without elbows. The data was much better than anything I've managed to get with 8 trackers.

IKinema Ltd
Posts: 280
Answer №2 [16.04.2018 09:29]

Hi Phil,

Room setup is critical for good tracking so what you did is correct. Also good quality USB hub seems important when using more trackers, like this one


Kenneth Choi
Posts: 8
Answer №3 [31.01.2019 21:45]

hey phil, how is orion working out for you these days?  me too got 8 trackers and testing trial of orion.   using two powered usb hub and 8 trackers.  the elbow movements doesnt track that well.       still getting some glitches and pops.   will try covering up some shiny metal surfaces.  would love to see some videos of your takes. 

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