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Mike Kelley
Posts: 10

I don't think I'll get an answer but I thought I'd give it a shot.

Other than the very first time I tried this out (when I had custom measurements that were wrong, forcing my legs to bend, but thus making better floor contact which I think then kept the feet from slipping) I've not been able to get the feet stable when doing captures.  They stay stable for a while, then one leg gets left behind, or slides or messes up or whatever.  It's not the room -- the room is now as bare as it could be, with no reflective surfaces of any kind (other than the wood floor which is the same as I've seen in Orion demos).  I've recalibrated a number of times with no good results.


Worse, I've tried taking this into Webanimate to perhaps clean it up with no good results either.  So now I'm beginning to think the reason you don't sell many of these is it just doesn't work reliably.  But since I have two more days on the demo I'll ask one more time -- any thing I might try to improve my results?  Arms and head and upper body track perfectly, but feet/legs are just not reliable enough for me to keep this (luckily I can still get my money back on all the hardware, and I haven't bought the software yet, so my next stop is Perception Neuron).

Kenneth Choi
Posts: 8
Answer №1 [31.01.2019 21:39]

you havent gotten any answers from huh.  I know you gotbperception neuron and hope all is well with you.  I am on trial as well.  and although I am very happy with ipisoft, needed a realtime mocap so I am trying orion.   took me a lot of tests and grinding but it works most of the time.  knee and feet arent perfect so need clean up.  


would love to see you pn tests. 


they should make orion cheaper...

Mike Kelley
Posts: 10
Answer №2 [31.01.2019 23:24]

Yeah, I could never get it right, but the PN was a breath of fresh air.


I've done a lot with it.  Here's just a few:





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