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Theme: ID Fail Left Hip

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Matt Robson
Posts: 1
[03.09.2018 16:49]

Okay so I'm having problems getting this to work. 

I have paired all six trackers and when the viewport is on I can see them moving around in space. Steam sees them all too. 

When I hit record and then hit the trigger I either get the error message IDFAIL LEFT HIP (or similar) and the trackers are still visible in the viewport but the avatar/actor doesn't appear. 

However, it sometimes works if I just select 'Head Tracker' and controllers. 

If I try and use all six trackers with the controllers I just get error messages as above. 

Please help! Urgent deadline! 

Nicolas Esposito
Posts: 4
Answer №1 [27.09.2018 09:31]

Although I'm not sure why you have this, when I get those errors, I usually try to reposition myself slightly to the lft/right/forward/backward, and most of the time I can get the calibration done.

Worst case scenario, rotate by 90°/180° and try to do the calibration that way, and see if it works.

You must also choose either Action for Maya or Action for MotionBuilder as a part of the package.

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