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Liver Fend
Posts: 1
[12.10.2018 16:31]




I got Orion but I cant update it. In the actual Documentation  under Version History it says that the newest Version for ORion is 1.1.10. I was wondering cuz I have no Option to update it to this Version cuz I like the new Updates. Is there a Way to have 1.1.10 somehow?

If not now when will it be available.?



I have a problem with my tracking. I am working with 6 Trackers and two Controllers. It is no Problem to enable all and have it work in SteamVR but when it comes to calibration some strange things happen. Even if got my Lighhouses 5 Meters apart and both are looking in my Direction I cant make it work. Cuz at the Orion Window when I press the Controller Button it says some ID failed and I can see also that in the Viewport some Trackers are disappearing for like 1 or two seconds and after they appear again just to disappear again. This is happening with almost all Trackers sometimes with the Hips Tracker sometimes with my Arm Tracker Even if they are all Updated to the last version and full power of battery. Why are the trackers disappearing always? Also when I got the luck and I got my calibration done so that I can move the Manequin he will not make natural moves cuz sometimes one Tracker will disappear again and I will find his leg or another part rotated in another direction. Also when my Trackers disappear they reset there Position at a new Position. For Example the hips Tracker is supposed to show with his Light towards the wall but when It happens that the Tracker disappear he is rotated like 90 Degrees in the viewport. I dont get it why. Is it possible that my lighthouses are not far away enough cuz in the Tutorial Video from Ikinema I saw the experts using it in a big room and it was really perfect and smooth. I am also using the same usb hub from amazon basics, but this is the only thing that is working just fine for me. My real Problem are thos disappearing trackers can anyone tell me what I can do here?

greetings :)


Kenneth Choi
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Answer №1 [31.01.2019 21:32]

the recommended usb hub from amazon places the dongles too close to each other.   use the included usb cord to put the dongles in their station and as much apart from each other as possible. and see what happens. 20cm or more.  that helped solve my problem.




that is raw orion data.

You must also choose either Action for Maya or Action for MotionBuilder as a part of the package.

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