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Van Dalsem Andy
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We recently purchased Orion and are having lots of trouble getting clean data with it. 


We're using the Head (Top) Tracker + Hand Controllers + Elbows.


We're also using the recommended Amazon 10 port USB hub.


After starting Orion, the trackers (especially the hips and elbows) will start blinking on and off in the viewport often making calibration fail. If we do manage to get the character calibrated the captured data tends to be very noisy and poppy. The hips will often drift away from the character as much as several feet. The character's initial posture will also often be slightly contorted like the feet, hips and head will all be rotated approx. 30 degrees to the right... or the hips won't be centered over the feet. Things like that. 


In the beginning we managed to get pretty clean captures just using the headset, hand controllers, hips and feet. But the weight of the headset and the cables made it very constricting. Ever since introducing the extra tracker for the head we've seemed to have a lot of trouble. 


As mentioned, we're paying customers and really need some help getting this thing reliable using all the trackers we bought since going back to the headset config won't work for us.


Thank you. 



Van Dalsem Andy
Posts: 2

For anyone else reading this since apparently no one from Ikinema is here to support their 500 GBP/Year software... :P


The issue appears to have been dongle spacing. Even using the Amazon 10-port hub recommended by Ikinema in their documentation, the dongles were still too close to each other causing severe noise in the trackers.


Instead I set them up using their little USB bases and spread them all apart from each other like this:

Dongle Spacing







































I finally managed to get a handful of super clean captures using 6 trackers and the hand controllers. 

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