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Robert Moats
Posts: 2
[12.01.2019 22:01]
Edited: [12.01.2019 22:02]

I have the Orion trial version installed and working for the most part. But I'm having a pretty big problem with hip calibration. I'm using HMD + Hand Controllers mode, with 3 extra trackers (hip and feet), using any/all of the rig types. Regardless of where I initially position my hip tracker (left side, right, front, back), it always calibrates into a position that is 1-2 inches to my left and front. After calibration,  it appears as though my avatar is extending his hip in that direction. The only way I've found to fix this is to purposely lean my hip into the same direction during calibration. But its very tricky to place it into the exact (incorrect) location, so it always has some strange offset or rotation.

I'm really looking forward to purchasing this software, because if I can get it working, it will save me a lot of time animating in the future. Please let me know if there is something I can try to resolve this. My best guess is that something is going wrong during calibration, because it seems to track fine after that point. I have tried custom actor sizes, but these seem to cause even more trouble. Really appreciate any advice.




Kenneth Choi
Posts: 8
Answer №1 [31.01.2019 21:23]
Edited: [31.01.2019 21:24]

Im in the process of testing orion myself.   I use 8 trackers since I dont want to wear head visor nor want to hold the controllers n elbow tracking helps.    I havent found any problems with hip miscalibrating on my tests.  only thing I could recommend is to put enough distance between dongles.  that helped me solve some bad misalignment problems.  


let me know if your problem persists.



Kenneth Choi
Posts: 8
Answer №2 [31.01.2019 21:23]
Edited: [31.01.2019 21:26]

see my test (also has iphonex facial mocap added)





Kenneth Choi
Posts: 8
Answer №3 [31.01.2019 21:23]
Edited: [31.01.2019 21:27]

another test.    this is raw unedited orion output.





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