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[19.12.2016 00:19]

Suppose this situation: I have two mesh, A & B. I want the bone Hand.L (from mesh A) matches perfectly with the bone Hand.L (from mesh B): same position same rotation . . .  they have to overlap each other. I don't want to move mannualy these bones cause will be too crazy. Is there a system to solve this problem easily? With coordinates (X,Y,Z) or somethign like that?


Thank you!!

tehri humbert
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Answer №1 [19.12.2016 10:21]
Edited: [19.12.2016 10:23]

I'll leave the staff or someone else answer you, but i can't figure out properly your question... i mean the main point of WebAnimate is to do so, to retarget 1 bone (and its animation if so) to another 1... matching bones, no matter only 2, or 10, or 20...

Probably i misunderstood your question...

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Answer №2 [19.12.2016 21:24]

The point is this: I have made 2 different animations with mocap studio (ipi soft). The model and the rig are the same. I just want the 2 animations start with the same position for their left hand (Hand.L) and then keep their original animation (wich is (1) walk forward and (2) a jump . . . I dont want to overlp two models doing the same animation; just have the same model in 2 different animation with the position of Hand.L eqaul (X,Y,Z) in the first frame). Did i simplify the problem?

tehri humbert
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Answer №3 [19.12.2016 22:29]
Edited: [19.12.2016 23:10]

Yes you did ! indeed, you want to append 2 animations...

Again, i give some words for reply, but i'm not the best one to help you here, just because enjoying a lot WA, i don't use it to append animations together. For that purpuse, i'm using another software, but it's very possible to do so with WebAnimate, of course !!

It seems you never did such op, right ?... First, did you read some threads here concerning Appending ops, as for example these two  : ' Problem Appending Ipi BVHs ' and ' Appending Animation Problem '.

Did you checked tut's ?...  several ones described what you wanna do (from Ikinema, from Truebones)... here for exemple is one : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tq8ul_2-LHI

Or here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZQ0gi9mXG8

And here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXcWxP-xt4Q


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Answer №4 [19.12.2016 23:58]
Edited: [20.12.2016 00:04]

I have seen all these videos. They were great but I can't link their explanation with my problem. They merge one animation with another one (after the walk merge the jump) . . .  I really don't want that. I need simply the hand colored with red circle, stays in the same position and orientation of the hand colored with the orange circle during the first frame . . . after the first frame, the 2 animations will have their different path (that's what I want). These 2 models (quite overlapped) are 2 different animations and I want to keep them separated. I could put my question in this way: is there a way to copy a specific orientation, position of a bone in a particoular frame, and copy into another animation?


tehri humbert
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Answer №5 [20.12.2016 00:42]

In this case if i wanted the same exact hand position, i'd append both animations together, first... then i'd simply cut it in 2 parts, the Walk and the Jump.

I'm sure if you contact the team by mail, asking them to visit your thread here, you'll have answer quickly ! support@ikinema.com

IKinema Ltd
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Answer №6 [20.12.2016 10:43]

Hi all, reading now to understand the problem :)

IKinema Ltd
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Answer №7 [20.12.2016 11:29]
Edited: [20.12.2016 11:36]

OK a way to do this is to have a proper rig on the avatar (red hand). This rig needs to receive position and orientation demands (tasks).

 Your rig will look like that; note the number of IK tasks over the body …

Then you need to work with pin influence; This allows blending out from the IK demand (original animation) and fixing  the task (hand) in a new position/orientation in absolute world, then blending out from this to the original animation

This is a more involved approach though… The video that discusses pin influence is available here

tehri humbert
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Answer №8 [23.12.2016 12:24]

Curious to know if this solved your problem !.......

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Answer №9 [23.12.2016 18:55]

No it didn't help . . . the pin doesn't fix the problem . . . I have to say it doesnt work in general. I'm sorry . . . this program is very useful but it has many bugs and many feature doesn't really work. Looking under comments of the video you linked it seams I'm not the only one with thi kind of problems

You must also choose either Action for Maya or Action for MotionBuilder as a part of the package.

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