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James Grean
Posts: 3
[24.09.2018 05:43]

Hey all,Curious, has anyone used Webanimate to retarget animation from a G2 skeleton (which most closely matches most standard mocap rigs) to a G3 or G8 skeleton? Which are both quite different to G2 (and also different to each other).In particular, G3 has twice as many arm and leg bones. The thigh is split into two bones.This being the case, I don't understand how the retargeting would work, because none of the tutorials show an example that I can see, where bone count is different or structure is slightly different.If anyone can show me an example I'd be super grateful.



Daniel Rodriguez
Posts: 14
Answer №1 [26.09.2018 22:16]

Start parenting bones as you would normally

James Grean
Posts: 3
Answer №2 [27.09.2018 08:16]

Cool so basically no worries here despite quite different bone structure? That's the whole point of webanimate right?

You must also choose either Action for Maya or Action for MotionBuilder as a part of the package.

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