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Jesse Bond
Posts: 2
[04.03.2019 04:49]
Edited: [04.03.2019 04:53]

Hey all, I just bought WebAnimate and I'm trying to retarget Brekel BVHs onto Daz characters...

But as soon as I bring in that Brekel BVH file and link the skeletons, the program becomes unusably slow--clicking a bone, it takes 10 SECONDS for it to highlight.... welcome back to the 90s! Trying to move the camera is the same story, clicking play is the same story, then when it does play it chugs along at barely 30 fps (or so it says, feels a lot slower than that)

I have a high-end Acer Predator 17x Core i7 laptop with a GTX 1080, so the problem is not my computer's specs

I've tried running in Windows 8 compatibility mode, but the program is still basically unusable

help? anyone got any ideas? The demos I watch on youtube from 2014 are not anything like this

Jesse Bond
Posts: 2
Answer №1 [14.03.2019 19:39]

so... is no one else having isues like these?

I put the program on another machine with an older copy of windows 10 and it still doesn't work right... I can't link bones correctly in retargeting--it just links one then stops working after that

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