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Petri Tolki
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[25.04.2019 04:43]

Hello, to start off, I'm a beginner in animation and I'm thinking about adopting webanimate as my home application, however, I ran into a problem with import to UE4 on which I haven't found documentation for. That is to say that maybe the solution is just too obvious to experienced people, however, I'm not one of those at the moment. To the matter at hand then.

So I have created my rigged skeleton in webanimate and exported it as an eikn. file, however, during the import to UE4 it asks me to select a viable skeleton mesh for the object.

To my current knowledge, I was thinking  that exporting the Ikinema rig file is importing the skeleton mesh itself. 

Yet, while doing the same process, UE4 did not ask for him to select a skeletal mesh file. Could anyone give me simple steps and guidelines or perhaps  hinsight on what I am doing wrong/not getting?

What I have tried: 

I have tried exporting my I kinema rig as an fbx file and importing it as a skeletal mesh, then, during the import of the eikn. file I have chosen that one, yet it popped up with a message saying that the import failed.

Thanks in Advance,


Jens Krückel
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Answer №1 [06.06.2019 20:54]

Hi !

Sorry i have the same issue and need a documentation, how to export the animation recording to the standard ue4 skeleton...

i want to use the recorded takes for my own animations...

Maybe someone of the ikinema staff could guide here with some documentation links, didn't find anything about that in here:


Thanks in advance


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