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Mahyar Sadri
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[02.06.2016 10:26]

Hey there,

I am trying to get a decent foot and ankle retarget using the ikinema for motionbuilder plugin. I have a blade skeleton as an input and I am retargeting that solved blade skeleton data to a character rig. I notice that with a variety of settings that I have attempted, that the feet keep coming out squishy. I can clearly see the blade foot bone staying firmly planted, but the ikinema retarget keeps straying more than I would like.

My question is, has anyone had success firmly locking the feet down? I particularly notice the squashiness when arms are overhead or during lunges with the ROM I am using for tunign purposes. I suspect its some kind of gloabl optimization happening, but is there not a setting to prioritize the feet and ankles more heavily?

Many Thanks,


IKinema Ltd
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Answer №1 [03.06.2016 06:59]
Edited: [03.06.2016 07:01]


Could you please send the request to support @ ikinema.com for direct help to your question as it seems that the setup is wrong. The feet are solid with IKinema so you seems to be having a wrong setting somewhere. 



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