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Theme: Issue with Oculus Store submission and using Ikinema Indie Runtime with UE4

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Marcus T
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Already emailed support but thought i'd post here to see if I can get some assistance. 

We are currently working with UE4 4.19 and 4.22 and the associated ikinema plugins. 

Our VR game utilises the full body IK as well as the NPC anim targets that ikinema provides and we are really happy with the functionality and ease of use. 

However, we have had an issue with the submission process on the Oculus Platform as they require all instances of the SteamVR plugin inclusing the openvr_api.dll to be removed from the build. 

We have found that the best solution is to disable the plugin in the editor, however, once we attempt to do this, It forces us to disable the Ikinema plugin as well. 

In your experience, I'm wondering if there is a solution / workaround for this as without the ability to upload the game to Oculus we will have to forgo using Ikinema for our entire game. 


Looking forward to your response


Warmest Regards,


Marcus T
Posts: 2

Just clarifying as we haven't received a response. 

The solution that we are looking for if there is a way to disable steam VR from UE4 without having to disable Ikinema, this tweak alone will solve the issue for us. 

Appreciate any help that we can get

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