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Theme: Anyone can test a packaged exe for me?

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Jonas Mølgaard
Posts: 79

I packaged a test level for others to test out, but are getting told they get an error when launching it. Only thing i did prior to last version was to add an IKinema rig and mesh and some logic. So i suspect it's something to do with that, but not sure. Download it here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25123011/Youtube%20ressources/VRLocomotion7/VRLocomotion8.zip and pls let me know if you can run it or it crashes?

Simon W
Posts: 284
Answer №1 [10.01.2017 09:38]

Launched and ran fine on my end.

Jonas Mølgaard
Posts: 79
Answer №2 [17.01.2017 11:54]

Thanks Simon, i think i tracked it down to a packaging bug. If i clear my intermediate folder before i build, it seems to work. Thanks

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