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Theme: How to add extra motion to feet

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jacques kaufmann
Posts: 7
[01.11.2018 19:43]
Edited: [01.11.2018 19:44]

Hi I am using the vr setting.

But my character is flying with jets on the feet.

I want to add some small random motion  on the Feet ik  to give some floating feeling


Any idea how i do that with out messing with the foot placement set up?


Simon W
Posts: 369
Answer №1 [20.11.2018 15:06]

Hi Jaques, 

To generate motion on the feet you might want to investigate the generic solver node instead of the foot placement node. 

The foot placement node handles the target generation for the feet automatically. The generic solver node allows you full control over the targets for the feet. 

You must also choose either Action for Maya or Action for MotionBuilder as a part of the package.

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