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Yvan F
Posts: 1
[14.12.2018 15:40]
Edited: [22.07.2019 15:39]


When is Ikinema going to update to current UE updates?

I'd like to buy the Indie version but it seems abandoned.

4.20 support was announced months ago "in editor only". It's nice but how do you release a game then?

Thanks for your reply.

Thiago Antunes
Posts: 15
Answer №1 [05.01.2019 05:19]

I agree, a new update would be awesome. I'm stuck on 4.19 :/

Simon W
Posts: 376
Answer №2 [07.01.2019 11:09]

Hi all, 

As mentioned previously, the update is coming and it is something we have been actively working on since 4.20.

We have been updating indie in the mean time (4.20 and 4.21 versions of the plugin are available) but until we release the re-worked plugin they are editor only. 


Indie isn't abandoned at all, it just needed ground up work to overcome the changes made in Unreal to prevent binary plugin compatibility. We are really sorry for the inconvenience. 

Nick Gregory
Posts: 1
Answer №3 [27.01.2019 06:37]

To help expand on this, Epic has made changes to the engine that prevent binary plugins from working outside the editor. Sounds like a big job to fix, but let's hope IKinema have cracked it. 

Mark van der Velde
Posts: 13
Answer №4 [12.03.2019 09:24]

Are there any updates on this ?

Simon W
Posts: 376
Answer №5 [18.03.2019 15:59]

Hi Mark, yes the plugin has gone through both internal and external testing and we are just finalising before release. 

Mark van der Velde
Posts: 13
Answer №6 [22.03.2019 08:41]

This is great news!. Looking forward to the release..

Simon W
Posts: 376
Answer №7 [27.03.2019 16:39]

Hi all just giving you a heads up. The early release version of the UE4.21 plugin has gone live and is bundled in our installer available on your account page in our store. We are going to be following up with full documentation to ease you through the changes but for now, there is a demo package in the announcement thread on these forums. Let us know if you have any issues. 

You must also choose either Action for Maya or Action for MotionBuilder as a part of the package.

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