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Lumbabumba Schumba
Posts: 6
[29.01.2019 10:31]
Edited: [29.01.2019 10:34]



i wanted to purchase the Indie version of your software. I have some questions.


I need a complete body in VR. I am not sure because i could not really see from your videos if your VR solution for UE4 supports hands too? What I mean is, is there a solution in your software to show full body in vr and hand motions like grap and so on? I need full motion on the body, like walking, running and so on. Do your software support all this? 

My next question is about the Style Shift features. When I purchase the Indie VR version, will I get StyleShapes later on or do i need to buy it later seperatly?

Another question is about UE4 4.20. I dont need yet to package my game but can i buy your software and work on my project or do I need to start from scratch with your editor solution?

Sry for bad english.



Lumbabumba Schumba
Posts: 6
Answer №1 [20.02.2019 08:22]



is this company still active?

Simon W
Posts: 369
Answer №2 [21.02.2019 12:51]


Yes we support full body animation using the VR Node. Most of our clients in the VR space use a traditional statemachine to drive the lower body of the character. This applies to the indie version as well, we solve on top of the input animation you pass in. So with a typical VR setup, you can solve for the upper body using IKINEMA, pass input animation in for the lower body and get our foot placement behaviour as well. 

The new version of RunTime Indie is currently in internal testing and it has been completely rebuilt to overcome changes in unreal that came with 4.20.


Lumbabumba Schumba
Posts: 6
Answer №3 [21.02.2019 13:33]
Edited: [21.02.2019 13:34]



ty for your answer. I want to buy the INDIE Version. I send you my submission information 2 days before. I will wait for your respond. 



You must also choose either Action for Maya or Action for MotionBuilder as a part of the package.

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