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Gustaf Sidén
Posts: 3
[18.02.2019 13:58]

Is it possible to lock the translation and rotation of the feet while they are planted on the ground and have the solver adjust the legs and hips accordingly to eliminate foot sliding during character rotation and animation blending? I've been playing around with the foot placement node settings but haven't had any success, how would one go about achieving this?

Gustaf Sidén
Posts: 3
Answer №1 [18.02.2019 18:44]

I actually solved it using the generic solver, however the leg and foot snaps very quickly into the animation afterwards. Is there a way to change the interpolation back to the animation?

Simon W
Posts: 369
Answer №2 [21.02.2019 12:54]

Hi Gustaf,


The foot placement node offers specific out-of-the-box behaviour. If you want behavior outside of that, the generic solver is the place to go. The generic solver exposes all of the IK Tasks to the user and allows you to drive them however you like. If you implement a way to generate a float curve you could drive the task alphas in the generic solver to blend from the input animation to the task target as you please. This type of set up is typical in the generic solver and our demo map has a number of demos that do just that. 

Gustaf Sidén
Posts: 3
Answer №3 [21.02.2019 15:03]

Thanks for the answer, I actually got it all working as I wanted. I have another question though, and it's regarding the "Get bone from Pose" node. The description of it is exactly what I want to achieve but I saw that it will be removed in future versions, so I'm wondering if it's being replaced by a better node or if this functionality is removed entirely. If the latter is the case, how would one go about extracting pre-IK bone transforms usually?

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