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Theme: IKINEMA RunTime Indie for UE4.21 early access available

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Simon W
Posts: 365
[27.03.2019 15:28]
Edited: [27.03.2019 15:29]

Hi All, 

You can now access the latest version of RunTime Indie from your account pages on the IKINEMA store. The updated version of the plugin supports packaging in 4.21 and future builds of UE. 

We have put together a small demo map featuring a quick out of the box foot placement and look at setup. The download can be found here: Download

You can expect a boost to performance and fine tuned out-of-the-box behaviors in the latest version of the plugin.

Since our nodes have been reworked, this is an early release to get feedback while allowing you guys to get cracking with the latest versions of unreal. If you have any issues what-so-ever let us know here so we can address them. We will also be following up with documentation and an updated version of our demo project to help smooth the transition as you guys upgrade your project. 

Note: When updating, you will have to open and re-save any existing IKINEMA Rigs and refresh your nodes in your animation blueprint. Some things have moved in this version compared to the last and the documentation we will be releasing explains where things are in the node. 

Please let us know if you have any feedback, questions or issues in the mean time as it is extremely valuable for us.




Mark van der Velde
Posts: 13

This is Awesome !! Thanks for the hard work end will try to do an upgrade today. Yoohooo..

Jared Hubic
Posts: 9

Awesome thanks for the update and all your hardwork! I don't want seem unappreciative at all either, but do you know if this 4.21 update should generally work with 4.22?

Simon W
Posts: 365
Answer №3 [04.04.2019 12:35]
Edited: [16.04.2019 20:51]

Hey Jared, I think there might be a crash in 4.22 with the 4.21 version of the plugin. 

The 4.22 update should be going live soon.

If you guys have any feedback let us know!

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