Why is Crackdown 3 so believable? IKinema RunTime to the rescue

Microsoft Studios animates Crackdown 3 with IKinema

100% believability meets 100% mayhem in Crackdown 3


FARNHAM, UK, 2 June 2016 – It’s exciting times at IKinema, with our latest announcement that IKinema RunTime is the full-body IK solving middleware chosen by Microsoft Studios to power the characters of Crackdown 3, the newest installment of the Crackdown franchise.

We’re proud to join the collaboration of creative forces Microsoft Studios, Reagent Games, and Sumo Digital to create this highly dynamic open-world game. Players are set for exhilarating thrills and spills – expect explosive action as you play a super-powered Agent of Justice taking down a ruthless criminal empire within a futuristic city of truly malleable proportions. Crackdown players can also jump into a revolutionary multiplayer mode where, for the first-time ever in gaming, environments are 100% destructible.

Peter Connelly, Executive Producer, Microsoft Studios, “By bringing IKinema RunTime technology into our game, it’s enabled our super-powered characters to react believably to dynamically changing environments and props, and has brought the over-the-top fun that’s essential to our overall gaming experience”.

RunTime lets studios procedurally animate characters and multi-limbed creatures of differing proportions during gameplay. Characters respond naturally to their game-world resulting in 100% accuracy and believable movement. The technology also allows developers to use the same code for mobile and triple-A projects, and VR games, meaning they can apply universal animation standards to multi-platform titles with minimum effort and expense.

The teams involved in the creation of Crackdown 3 are hugely passionate about their latest installment, listen in to their podcast to find out more.


Easy. Fast. Powerful

IKINEMA RunTime middleware is a powerful generic full-body IK solver used to create convincing and realistic motion for all human and fantasy characters during game play. Characters react naturally to ever changing terrain and environments, and scale obstacles with ease. Incorporating cutting edge tools, developers consistently deliver astonishingly real animation with totally believable characters in VR and games.

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